Motion Radio - Episode 8: It’s Mark

April 15, 2017

Motion Radio - Episode 8:  It's Mark.  We sit down with Mark 'Boots' Holst to talk a bit about his life, a bit about martial arts, and a bit about schoolyard lessons.  Plus, news on what's going on at the gym for the rest of April, and May.


Motion Radio - Episode 7: It’s Brooke

December 9, 2016

Motion Radio - The Momentum Martial Arts Podcast: Episode 7: It's Brooke.  What's coming up for December, January, and February.  Plus, we go to Food to Fit and Talk with Dietician Brooke Bulloch about how to eat over the holidays.


Motion Radio - Episode 6: It’s Pat and Hammer

November 14, 2016

Motion Radio - The Momentum Martial Arts Podcast: Episode 6: It's Pat and Hammer.  A special episode of Motion Radio.  We speak with Professors Pat Cooligan, and Hammer Hache about how they started martial arts, crazy stories, and advice for martial artists.  It's a long one, but it's a good one.  We speak about Professor Cooligan's messed up hand, and you can find a picture of his hand by following this link.

Apologies for the sound quality on this one, folks.  Apparently we weren't set up for 4 people in a podcast.

Also, you can get this podcast on Itunes now!  Check it out!


Motion Radio - Episode 5: It’s Movember

November 4, 2016

Motion Radio - The Momentum Martial Arts Podcast Episode 5.  Updates on what's coming in the next few weeks, including the Momentum Family Holiday Party on December 3rd, tournaments, seminars, and more.


Motion Radio - Episode 4: It’s Halloween

October 14, 2016

Motion Radio - Episode 4: It's Halloween

For those wanting the link that is talked about in episode 4 you can follow it here:


Motion Radio - Edipsode 3: It’s Andrew

September 20, 2016

Motion Radio - Episode 3:  It's Andrew:  Upcoming news at Momentum in the next few months, plus a stellar interview with our BJJ coach, Andrew Hanson.  You won't believe his answer to the question, "Tell us something people don't know about Andrew Hanson"


Motion Radio - Episode 2: It Returns

August 22, 2016

Motion Radio - Episode 2: It Returns:  We talk about what's going on in September 2016, and give you a bit of the history about Momentum Martial Arts.


Motion Radio - Episode 1: It Begins

July 20, 2016

Motion Radio - The Momentum Martial Arts Podcast for July 2016.  News on what's going this summer, plus a great story about the accomplishments of a great member of the Momentum Family.